Keys to a Happy Ratirement

No matter if you currently have a vision for what you want your retirement to look like or if you are still trying to envision it, there are some keys to helping you make sure your retirement is a happy one.

Allow for a period of transition

If you are one of those people who know exactly what you want to do when you retire and have already been dreaming it up for years, then you have already completed your transition period. However, if this isn’t you, then take some time to do some research and make a plan. You can even begin this while you are still working by taking time on the weekends or vacations to try out the new lifestyle or by taking a year or two after retirement to truly find out what you want to do in this new stage of your life.

Do something useful

Many retirees feel that they have nothing to do. Consider helping to raise your grandchildren, getting a part time job or volunteering. Having something to look forward to and keep you occupied is a key to happiness.

Share your life

It is harder to make new friends when you are not connected to the community through your work or children. Make a point of hanging on to your old friends and developing new ones when you can. If you live alone, consider sharing your home with another person for some extra company.

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