15 Ways Your Child Can Make Money

Teaching our kids about money is one of the most valuable lessons we can teach them. Many times we will learn something in the process as well. We live in a society where our kids feel the need to have the newest clothes, gadgets, toys and technology. It has gotten out of control.

The best way to teach your kids the value of money is to teach them to save their money for the things they want. But the real question is, how do they earn the money? I have come up with 15 easy ways your child can make their own money to save up for the items on their wish list:

  1. Get an allowance by doing chores around the house
  2. Lemonade Stand
  3. Raking Leaves
  4. Taking out the neighbor’s trash for pickup
  5. Garage Sale
  6. Bake Sale
  7. Gather recycling items and turn them in
  8. Pet Care/Walking services
  9. Babysitting
  10. Mowing a neighbor’s lawn
  11. Car Wash
  12. Craft Sale
  13. House sitting (water plants, check the mail)
  14. Weeding gardens
  15. Snow shoveling

If your child decides they would like to have a lemonade stand to make money, don’t get it all set up for them. Make sure they help in the prep work – making the lemonade, getting cups ready, making the signs and stand etc. Teach them along the way what items are expenses and to keep track of them. Its about realizing their wants vs needs and teaching them the true value of money – that it doesn’t just grow on trees or come out of an ATM and that we need to work hard for it in order to buy the things we want and need.




Any opinions are those of Nicole Middendorf and not necessarily those of Raymond James