Soukkay Keomysy, CCO


Soukkay Keomysy, CCO

At a very young age of 7 years old I knew I could overcome anything. I had already fled my home from the communist country of Laos after the Vietnam war. I survived living in a refugee camp in Thailand for 3 years, moved to America and learned English. My life changed completely from what I as accustomed to.

Money intrigued me from a young age. The concept of the stock market was fascinating. I beat the odds – worked hard in school, graduated from college, gained my citizenship and started my career as a Wealth Advisor all while caring for my mother and siblings.

I love helping people with their money. It isn’t about making them rich but preparing them for their future and helping to ease their worry and fears. I’m committed to working hard for their hard-earned money and be the trusted Wealth Advisor they have confidence in.

I have also raised my children to be appreciative of everything in life and am grateful to be given the opportunity to achieve the American Dream . Nothing is impossible.

Fun Facts
Favorite Meal: Beef Nachos with extra jalapenos
Favorite Sports Team: Minnesota Vikings
Somewhere you want to travel to: Ireland
What makes you happy: Seeing my family happy