Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule an Appointment

How can I schedule my annual call to go over my accounts?

The best way is to call our office at 763-231-9510 to schedule a time. You can also reach out to

Account Maintenance

How can I view my accounts online?

Go to and click on the View Account on top right hand-corner. You then enter your login instructions. You can also do this on the Client Access (Raymond James) mobile app. If you have not already set up an account, please contact our office at 763-231-9510.

What features are offered using Client Access?

  • Enroll in e-delivery of all documents
  • Access statements, tax forms and other documents for your accounts
  • View your account balances, holding, analysis, allocation and performance
  • Set up bill pay, direct deposit, request a check, request a wire transfer, transfer funds and contribute to your account
  • View your contributions and your current financial plan if applicable
  • View your beneficiaries and update if needed
  • Access the Vault which is our secure file sharing system to upload statements and important documents such as your Trust, Will, Healthcare Directive Mortgage documents, Insurance policies, passports, etc.

What is the best way for me to get you a copy of my statements to transfer an account?

You can fax it to 763-231-9520, mail it or upload it to the Vault via your Client Access portal on a computer or mobile device.

How do I update my address?

Call us at 763-231-9510 or email so we can begin the process for you.

How do I update the beneficiary on my accounts?

If your account is held with us, you can find the form in Client Access under Account Services – Retirement Account Information or you can call our office at 763-231-9510 to request an update to your beneficiary. We will need their name, date of birth and Social Security number. If you want to change your beneficiary on an account not held directly with us or a Life Insurance policy, call the company that holds your policy and request a change of beneficiary form. You will want to fill it out, send it back to them and confirm it was received and your beneficiary was updated.

I received a statement from an old closed account with a small balance. What do I do?

When or if you receive a statement in the mail or online from an old account with a small balance left in it (for example with a balance of $0.23). You call the company that holds that account to withdraw and close it. If it is an IRA, you will need to request that a check is made out to your IRA with us and we can deposit the funds into your current IRA. If it is a non-IRA, you can keep the check.

How do I get my cost basis?

You need to call the company where you first purchased the stock. If the investment was purchased prior to 2011, cost basis was not required to be reported so you should consult with your tax professional.

How do I process a Class Action Lawsuit?

If you received a notice for a class action lawsuit. You will need to find your statement located in Client Access if held at Raymond James. If the stock was not held at Raymond James you will need to get a copy of that statement. Then using that statement, fill out the claim form. Be sure to make a copy of the form when you are ready to submit for your records.

How do I check to see if I have any unclaimed property?

At any time you can go to the Commerce Department website in the state you reside (for Minnesota it is Once you are on the website, you can select Find Unclaimed Property and enter your information. If any is found, follow the steps to reclaim your property.

How do I rollover my old 401(k) plan?

While there are several options available, if you choose to roll over your old 401(k) plan to an IRA, you will want to get an updated statement. Call the number on the statement and give them your information and request that the funds are sent via check payable to Raymond James and mailed to you. Once you receive the check, you can send it to us to be deposited into your IRA. You can always call us at 763-231-9510 and we can do the conference call with you.

How do I change my 401(k) allocation?

You will need to contact your 401(k) provider to make any changes to that account. If you are 59 ½ you may be able to take an Inservice Withdrawal from this account. If interested, contact your 401(k) provider to see if your plan allows this and send us a copy of your most recent statement to begin the process.

Contributing and Withdrawing Money:

How can I add money to my account?

There are several ways you can add money to your account.

  1. By Check. Write out a check payable to “Raymond James” and mail it or drop it off to our office at 4300 Baker Road, Minnetonka MN 55343. If it is outside of business hours, you can leave it in the secure drop box located outside our front door.
  2. ACH. We can set up instructions on your account to transfer funds electronically via ACH to and from your bank account. You can call our office to set this up at 763-231-9510
  3. Client Access App. By downloading the mobile app (search Raymond James Client Access), you are able to deposit money on your own into certain types of accounts.

If I need to withdraw money from my account, how do I?

Just like contributing money, if you have ACH set up on your account, with your verbal authorization we can automatically send money into your checking or savings account. Otherwise, we can print you a check and mail it to you or you can pick it up from our office. If you would like to set ACH up on your account, please call us at 763-231-9510.

How to get money from your 529 College Education Savings Plan?

Qualified Distribution
In order to take a qualified distribution from a 529 for education expenses, you will need to call the company that holds your 529 plan. You can find their phone number on your 529 plan statement. Each company handles transfers/withdrawals of 529s differently. In general, the company will either allow you to setup a bank account to send the funds electronically or send a check in the mail.

Most 529 plan companies will require a company specific transfer form to be filled out and sent back to them. Some companies will allow for a direct transfer to another 529 plan sponsor, while others will send the money to your bank account or via check, and the funds will need to be deposited into a 529 within 60 days to avoid taxation.

Tax Information:

Will I be getting a 1099 tax form?

You will only receive a 1099-R if you received distributions from your retirement account. Depending on the type of retirement account, you can expect to receive them between January 31st and March 15th.

Will I be getting a 5498 tax form?

If you made contributions to your IRA account, you will receive a Form 5498 detailing those contributions. These will be mailed on January 31st and again on May 31st for contributions from January 1-April 15 made for the prior tax year if applicable.

Client Concierge Services:

How can I get a document notarized?

If you have a document that needs to be notarized, we offer this for a $50 fee. Please call our office to set a time. Otherwise, you can visit your bank and they typically have a notary on staff who can do this for you free of charge.

Can you Medallion Signature Guarantee a document for me?

If the document is not for your account held with us, we are not able to. You would want to call your bank to see if they offer this service. If it is for an account held with us, please get us the document and we can have it done directly with Raymond James Financial Services.