My Quote

“Don’t trade your authenticity for approval.”

My Story

Bethany grew up in Linwood, Minnesota and attended Forest Lake Senior High School. She has an eclectic work history that includes, cosmetology, medical and fine dining. Now as Nicole’s Personal Assistant she coordinates travel, assists with Nicole’s businesses, any needs and all human resources components of Prosperwell. Outside of the office Bethany enjoys painting, making jewelry and spending time with her daughters. In the summertime any spare time is spent soaking up vitamin D, whether that is at the beach, hiking or gardening. In the colder months you might see her snowboarding or ice fishing!

Three favorite words: Selcouth, Ukiyo, Lagom

You might bump into me...

  • Thrifting, I love refurbishing furniture!
  • Local Parks and playgrounds
  • Concerts, there is just something about Live Music!

You might catch me eating...

  • ANYTHING milk chocolate
  • Yogurt Parfait
  • Burrito Bowl

My why...

I grew up with amazing parents who made certain I understood the value of a dollar alongside a hardworking mindset and just how far those two can take you. Throughout my work experience(s) the common thread they all poses is service. Helping others whether that may entail selecting a perfect pairing for dinner or perhaps a few stitches from gnarly fall. I am excited to able to continue to keep helping individuals and working with such an inspiring team!

Live it List.

  • Go Kart the streets in Tokyo
  • Skydive
  • Snorkel the great barrier reef
  • Hold a Koala Bear

Our Team