There is no one else like dear old Dad

We celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of every June. At last count, there are over 70 million fathers in the U.S., most of whom probably possess some ceramic-based proof of being the World’s Greatest Dad. But rather than argue the merits of one coffee mug over another, here are some interesting dad-related facts to ponder while you mull over which in-style tie to buy this year.

In Thailand, National Father’s Day is observed with fireworks and acts of charity and honor, most notably the donation of blood.

While Mother’s Day is the peak day of the year for long-distance telephone calls, Father’s Day ranks first for collect calls made. Go figure.

According to a survey commissioned by TiVo, the top five TV dads of all time are: Cliff Huxtable (“The Cosby Show”); Sheriff Andy Taylor (“The Andy Griffith Show”); Pa Ingalls (“Little House on the Prairie”); Howard Cunningham (“Happy Days”); and Ward Cleaver (“Leave it to Beaver”).

Frank and Nancy Sinatra are the only father-daughter act to reach number one on the Billboard charts, with their hit “Something Stupid.” Whereas Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely,” which features his newborn daughter laughing and cooing, was never released as a single.

Then there’s nature’s own version of World’s Greatest Dad, the male seahorse, who after fertilizing his mate’s eggs, carries them to term in his own belly until he actually gives birth to their children.

So, sure, there may be some things that your Dad can’t do, but that doesn’t mean he still isn’t the greatest. And while you browse the tie displays and greeting card stands, you may want to consider giving the influential man in your life all that he really wants – a simple hug and big “thank you.” Those gifts mean so much, and they never go out of style.