A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart

May 8 marks National Teacher Day, often celebrated as part of Teacher Appreciation Week as the school year winds down. This is our opportunity, whether we have school-aged children or not, to thank each of these individuals as they inspire and educate the next generation.

There are several ways you can recognize and celebrate the contributions of amazing educators within your own community. A well-polished apple makes a good snack, but there are other ways to show your sincere appreciation. One popular option is a gift card to one of their favorite stores or a salon.

Some other suggestions from the National Education Agency:

• Hang a sign on each classroom door saluting the teacher by name.
• Invite teachers to a before-school “coffee, juice and pastries” appreciation event.
• Give teachers food gifts with a heartfelt note from your family.

Feel free to come up with your own ideas for memorable tokens of appreciation, personalized to the educators in your life. Gifts don’t have to cost much to ensure teachers know that you truly care and support the work they do.