Women Are Smarter

March 19, 2014

Do you know that women are smarter when it comes to investing? According to the University of California at Davis, they found that single women's portolios earned, on average 2.3% points more per year than single men. Yes, we as women truly are smart! But, where women are not smart is that women typically start saving later than men and once women finally start saving, we start saving less. Now that is not smart! So, let's get smart about our money and build our confidence by taking the time to really learn and understand our money. How?

  1. Learn one new thing about money everyday.

  2. Do a Roth IRA

  3. Look at your 401(k) and investment statements

  4. Meet with a Financial Advisor

So, take some time and learn about your money for no one cares more about your money than you. Remember, we as women are smarter, at least when it comes to shopping....and getting dressed in clothes that match and coordinate...and we can remember every detail from 10 years ago and of course...investing!

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