Wedding Season

May 13, 2015

Wedding season is just on the horizon. Invitations are going to begin stacking up and these weddings can cost you a fortune. According to women shell out $1,700 on average to be a bridesmaid in a wedding. Just like the holidays, it is smart to prepare and plan in advance for the costs associated with weddings, whether you are attending as a guest or part of the wedding party. Think about which friends or family members are going to be getting married this year and estimate your costs. Decide what you can afford without taking out your credit card. Then set up a monthly savings goal so you don’t feel the hit all at once.

Remember that just because you received an invitation, doesn’t mean you have to go, especially if the invitation is from someone you are not close too. Even declining a spot in the wedding is okay to do. If you can’t afford it, tell them days (not weeks) after they ask you.

Your Outfit
What do you wear to all these weddings without breaking the bank? Consider renting something to wear on, or Also consider swapping clothes, jewelry and shoes with your friends. If you want to purchase a new dress, consider wearing it to multiple weddings but changing up the accessories to give it the look and feel of a whole new outfit.

The Gifts
You being in attendance, is your gift at the engagement party, this also applies for the bachelorette. For the shower and wedding gifts, what you spend depends on one major thing – your budget. If you can afford $25, then spend $25. Also consider going in on a larger gift with family or friends.

The Hotel
Hotels often honor the lower wedding rate for an extended stay, so consider rolling a mini-vacation into the wedding weekend. Also consider sharing a room with another couple, asking friends and family if they have a corporate discount you can use and try to use credit card points to book a room.

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