Saving Money on Groceries

February 10, 2016

Let’s face it, we all have to eat. If you are anything like me, when you go to the grocery store, your cart seems to be much fuller than what it should be. This is something that is a common problem and something that we have found can also be an easy fix. Try to follow some of these tips to help you save money each time you go get your groceries.

Buy Generic. Most store-brand items are practically identical to the more expensive options. For many products you would never be able to tell a difference such as flour, sugar or baking soda.

Use a Cash-Back App. Apps such as Snap, Shrink and Shopmium give cash back for specific purchases. Most ask for a scanned receipt or barcode and are quick to use.

Freeze Staples. Keep an eye out for deals on certain items and stock up in the bakery, dairy aisle or refrigerator case. Freeze the extra and thaw when needed. Bread and berries can stay fresh in a deep-freeze for up to one year, milk for three months, butter for six months and fresh orange juice for four!

Ditch Fresh Produce for Frozen. The Natural Resources Defense Council reported in 2015 that the average American tosses out 20 pounds of food each month, including large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Use Coupons. Use coupons for your essentials. Just make sure you aren’t buying something just because it is on sale that you wouldn’t normally buy.

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