Save More Money Every Day

May 18, 2016

Have you ever looked at your bank or credit card statement and wondered where all your money went? Often times we are spending money and not being conscious about where it is going. It is important to see where you are spending money and on which items you can cut back on. Here are 4 things you can cut out on a daily basis to help you save money.

1. Coffee – If you cut down on buying your cup of coffee each morning you can save a huge amount of money. Consider brewing it at home or purchasing it only 2 times each week instead of 5.
2. Water or Soda – Bring your own drinks from home to work. Purchasing these from a store or vending machine can really add up.
3. Lunch – Pack your lunch every day. Going out to eat each day can average $10.00 or more each time which totals $200 a month!
4. Errands – Stop running errands each day. Instead keep a list and go only when necessary. Typically each time you go into the store you are making extra purchase and overspending.

If you would like help with establishing a budget that works for you, call us at 763-231-9510 to meet with one of our wealth advisors.

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