Purchases Worth Their Ridiculous Price Tags

March 04, 2015

Cutting down on your spending is one of the best ways to increase your savings. There are many items out there today that may not be worth their price tag, especially those brand name items. A report by consulting company PWC in August 2014 revealed that 93 percent of Americans changed their shopping habits after the recession and began purchasing more generic, store-brand products. The Static Brain Research Center found that roughly 690,000 Americans purchased something at a garage sale every week in 2014.

However, it isn’t always better to buy the cheaper alternative on certain products and services. Here are some items we found that might be worth their high price tag.

1. Apple Extended Warranty. With the prices of iPhones and Macs, buying an extended AppleCare Protection Plan can be worth the cost of these big-ticket items. Depending on the device, the plan ranges in cost from $99-$349 and affords Apple owners a variety of benefits and coverage, including walk-up troubleshooting and repairs, express replacement service and Apple software coverage.
2. Jewelry Insurance. This is often disregarded and people choose to stash their jewelry in bedrooms and safes, still leaving the jewelry vulnerable to theft.
3. Mattresses. These are big ticket items that are used on a daily basis. Consider the fact that you are going to use this mattress for on average 5-10 years. Also remember that used mattresses can pose a danger to buy with threats of bedbugs, fleas and cockroaches!
4. Television Sets. Technology is constantly changing and updating however television sets today are built to go the distance. According to TODAY.com the display in a regular LCD flat panel is designed to last 40,000 viewing hours, which is equivalent to 20 years for the average viewer.
5. Tires. Especially living here in Minnesota, good tires are important for our safety as well as others on the road. Don’t skimp on tires. Issues like worn tread, cracks in the rubber and preexisting plugs and patches can cause used tires to give out and blow.
6. Car Seats and Cribs. Safety is a priority with a new bundle of joy. A car seat and a crib are two items you should consider buying brand new so that you know they are safe and of the highest quality and standard.

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