Money Savings Tips for Your Next Vacation

January 13, 2016

With the cold and snow surrounding us, a vacation this time of the year sounds fantastic! However, it is not always in the budget to do so. We have made up a list of things that will help you save money so you can afford that trip to the tropics.

Eat In
Get a hotel room with a kitchen in it and stock it with food and drinks. This can easily shave a good portion of your spending money as eating out is one of the biggest expenses. If going to a resort, possibly opt for the all-inclusive plan if it makes sense for your family. Often times these rates are much lower than eating out for each meal.

Go Discount
You don’t need a five star room and first class airfare. Instead go for a discount hotel and have more money to spend doing things on your vacation. You aren’t traveling to spend time in your room anyway.

Travel during off dates
If you travel outside of the prime season, you will typically receive a generous discount.

Avoid Rental Cars
If you can, try to use a cab service or Uber instead of a rental car. They can tack on hundreds of dollars to your trip and usually are not necessary. Also many hotels have a charge to park your car.

The biggest recommendation we can give you is to enjoy your vacation! Don’t let it break the bank and don’t let it put you into debt.

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