Money Motivation

June 22, 2016

What is your motivation with money? Money is simple a vehicle to help you get and give the things you want and need. I believe there are different types of motivation when it comes to money. Which one do you fit into?

Level 1 - Motivated by Money
You do whatever it takes to make money, get money, spend money and keep money. You may hate your job, but keep doing it for the money. You do not care if you do a good job or not as long as you get paid. You will control others and push others out of the way. You will even steal, cheat and lie to gain money.

Level 2 - Motivated by Personal Gain
You work for your own health and hapiness. You care about you adn are focused on your own personal gain, not others.

Level 3 - Motivated by True Happiness
You work for a greater purpose. You work to leave a legacy or make a different. You may work for a non-profit organization. You may be a business owner that empowers employees to a greater good. You may be a highly paid executive that donates money and/or time to a specific cause that you are passionate about. You live life with purpose and passion and this allows you to find true happiness.

It is important to recognize what motivates you when it comes to your money so that you can achieve your goals but also be a good steward of your money.

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