Life Values Quiz

November 18, 2015

Research shows that there are four categories of human values corresponding to people’s concerns in life. Inner, Social, Physical and Financial.

Inner values are personal. These values include our identity, the desire to worship (or not) as we please, our need for safety and security, and many other aspects of the “real me”. Inner values constitute our desire for freedom and independence and for control over our life, our goals and our priorities.

Social values are about belonging and relatedness. They concern our parents, spouse, partner, children, family members, neighbors, friends and community at large. Our desire to be with others or to be a loner affects our living and working habits.

Physical values are about the tangible aspects of life, the eternal world as well as the state of our physical health and well-being. Such values relate to the amount of space we need to feel comfortable and the degree to which we are satisfied and fulfilled by aesthetic stimulation and material posession.

Financial values are about money and finances. They are unrelated to how much money we actually have. These values reflect what we think or believe about our money and financial affairs. They reflect how we value money and what it can buy or how it can grow as an investment.

Have you ever wondered why you feel good about spending money on certain things and not others? The answer may lie in your life values and how they influence your financial decision making. Click HERE to take this Life Values Quiz.

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