I have all these expenses that I know I cannot cut back. Should I get a second job?

January 29, 2014

There is almost always an area you can cut back on. Do you have recurring expenses every month, such as a haircut? An easy way to cut some of these recurring costs can be to stretch the calendar a little more. Try adding a couple more weeks to the time between each appointment, so instead of getting a haircut every six weeks, try getting one every eight weeks or more if you can handle it. At an average of $50 per cut, that can save you $150 a year, sometimes more. Try looking at your calendar and see where else you can stretch the date a little so you can save some money this year. However, if you find you just can't cut back enough, then you will have to get a second job, find a job that pays more or ask for a raise. You can also make a little extra money by having a garage sale or selling some of your items you don't use anymore.

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