How to Save Money at the Fair

August 12, 2015

A trip to the Minnesota State Fair can get very expensive once you consider all the costs associated, transportation, parking, admission, rides, food and entertainment. We have come up with six tips to help you save money when visiting the fair this year:

1. Buy tickets in advance if possible. You can purchase them for a cheaper rate than at the gate online or at participating retailers up until the day before the fair begins.

2. Consider going on a promotional day. Some days have promotions for certain things such as Seniors and Kids Day, Read and Ride Day and Thrifty Thursday.

3. Get The Blue Ribbon Bargain book for coupons on attractions, food and merchandise at the fair.

4. Take the Park and Rides to the fair to avoid the hassle of parking and save money.

5. Consider bringing in your own snacks and bottled water. You can refill your water bottle at the Grandstand.

6. Research and find the Food for a Buck Vendors. A handful of vendors have food items priced at $1.

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