How to Financially Prepare for Maternity Leave

July 13, 2016

According to Harvard University data, September 16th is the most common birthday currently in use. Preparing for a baby is a time of celebration but with the arrival of the baby comes an added expense for your family in addition to a drop in income for many new families.

We have come up with some steps to help you put your financial house in order before your baby arrives.

  1. Make an accurate and realistic budget. Identify all of your monthly and yearly financial commitments and determine how much money you will need to live on each month of maternity leave. If it isn't going to work, take a look at those items again and determine which are needs vs. wants. You may need to give up a few "wants."

  2. Save before you have the baby. The earlier you can start saving, the better prepared you will be during maternity leave when your paychecks stop.

  3. Pay down debt. Payint interest on pre-baby debt is less than ideal when your income is reduced. Work on paying down as much as you can before you have a family.

  4. Go easy on the spending. There is such a thing as too much new baby stuff. Consider buying clothes second hand or by getting hand-me-downs as a baby's entire wardrobe is constantly changing during it's first year.

If you would like help establishing your plan, please contact our office and we would be happy to help.

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