Do You Have Any of These Money Habits Found in Unhappy Couples?

August 26, 2015

We all know those couples that seem to be unhappy in their relationship; many times the unhappiness comes from their money habits.  Whether they are hiding purchases or racking up the credit cards, they ignore and sometimes refuse to address the problem.  Financial harmony is crucial in a relationship. Over the years we have seen many bad money decisions eventually tear couples apart. Here are the top five money habits of unhappy couples we have found:

  1. They disrespect each other’s credit. Don’t permit a loved one (or anyone for that matter), to take advantage of your available credit and perhaps ruin your credit score. It’s not a matter of trust; it is a matter of control. You must be in control of your credit and your score. Go to and get a copy of your credit report for free, so you can monitor your credit.

  2. Lack of communication. Make sure you are having frequent money dates with each other and set boundaries. Such as, before making financial decisions regarding spending anything above $100 (or an amount that you both agree upon) is executed, discuss it with your partner. Set aside time at least one a quarter to have a money date to go over your spending, savings and goals. Ideally your money date will take place outside of the home.

  3. Little consideration for the blueprint. It doesn’t matter if you are a saver or a spender, be aware of the manner in which you are treated if your partner’s money DNA conflicts with yours.

  4. Reliance on multiple bailouts. A one-time bailout, depending on your situation is acceptable. NO excuses or money provided when similar mishaps are repeated. It is a hard rule and it will save you financially.

  5. Financial success is resented. A resentful attitude over a partner’s success requires thorough and truthful self-reflection. Ask for guidance and be open to criticism if it’s positive and leads to self-improvement.

Financial drama can ruin a love match. Keep an eye out for these signs and make an effort to change these bad habits. If you and your partner would be interested in setting up a time to meet with one of our wealth advisors to help design a plan to get you both on the same page financially, please give us a call at 763-231-9510.

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