Couples Retirement Readiness

June 15, 2016

how well are you communicating with your significant other about retirement? If you are wondering, we ahve included a simple questionnaire that can help you determine what you need to be talking about with your partner.

Instructions: Do the assessment separately and then share your results. Put a T after the statements you believe are true, then add up all the true statements to get your score. Notice the ares that you may want to talk more about.

  1. We have talked about our timetable for retirement.

  2. We have planned for future medical and health care costs.

  3. We know that our roles may change as we go through transition.

  4. Intimacy and affection are an important part of our relationship.

  5. We make financial decisions together.

  6. Having time together and time apart is important to both of us.

  7. We talk about lifestyle and where we may want to live.

  8. We agree on our obligations and responsibilites to family.

  9. Social and community connections are a satisfying part of our lives.

  10. We have shared values and know what is important to each other.

10 - Give each other a big hug. You are ready to write the "How T" book for couples.

7-9 - Sounds like you are in sync. Ongoing communication is important as you plan for what is next.

4-6 - You are on the right track. Practice listening to each other and sharing what is important to you.

1-3 - Make time to talk about important issues related to retirement.

*Source: The Couples Retirement Puzzle by Roberta Taylor and Dori Mintzer

The information contained in this report does not purport to be a complete description of the securities, markets, or developments referred to in this material. Any opinions are those of Nicole Midddendorf and not necessarily those of Raymond James.

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