Cooperative Law

July 17, 2013

There is a new way to get divorced in Minnesota. It is called Cooperative Practice. Cooperative Practice is a client-centered approach aimed at helping clients reach agreements that satisfy their best interests. A cornerstone of the Cooperative Process is a Participation Agreement which defines and governs how the process will unfold. With the help of lawyers, clients customize their Participation Agreement to fit their unique needs and circumstances.

The Cooperative Practice Professions consist of a group of attorneys, mediators, neutral evaluators, therapists, child specialists, parenting specialists, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts and mortgage or real estate experts. You can check out their website at

Cooperative Practice offers a variety of benefits among the most significant being the opportunity to control outcomes, minimize conflict and ensure long-term success. A defined process can provide predictability and reduce stress and emotional upset. Cooperative Practice puts decision-making power right where it should be, in the hands of the parties and not in the hands of a stranger.

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