Consolidating Old Accounts

December 10, 2014

Recently a client of mine came into my office with a large stack of papers. Let's just say it was overflowing out of an organizer box! This huge stack of papers was made up of all of her investment and retirement account statements. I know she felt extremely embarrassed but I told her that she was not alone and that I was here to help her. I also told her how common her situation is. You receive so much in the mail regarding your financial situation and it can be very overwhelming.

So, we took a look at her old 401(k)'s and rolled them over, we consolidated various bank and investment accounts and helped her to minimize paperwork and maximize her assets. If you have a stack of statements, feel free to bring them into our office. We can help you consolidate or just figure out what to keep, shred or toss.

To go paperless and discontinue the mailing of your LPL Financial monthly statements, use the following steps:
1. Log into your LPL Account View by visiting and clicking on the "View Account" link located on the top right hand corner. Then click on either the "Go Green" or "Go Paperless" buttons within your account.
2. Click on the box next to each account that you wish to be paperless. If all of your current paper statements arrive in one envelope, be sure to select ALL accounts. Then click Done.
3. You will see a confirmation that the change has been made. Note: Two years of statements are archived for you. However when viewing a statement you may save it to your computer or print when needed as you can with and PDF document.

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