Back to School

August 17, 2016

The school year is fast approaching and many parents are stressed over this, not only because their children are either heading back to school, entering a new school, or attending college for the first time, but because of the cost of going back to school. With all of the different supplies, clothing, and fees, the cost of going to school can really add up. Not only that, but with the school year also comes the extracurricular activities which can also eat away at your time and money. Here are a few tips to help you save when it comes to getting your kids ready to head back to school:

• Use the list from your child’s school. Most schools will mail a list out to your for what is required. Go off of this list and do not buy unnecessary items.

• Determine wants vs. needs. Do they really NEED that new backpack? Or is the one from last year still in great condition? Perhaps they can use their old one and get a new one as a gift for an upcoming birthday or Christmas?

• Go through closets. See what they really need in terms of clothing and shoes. Most younger children are going to outgrow their clothes from last fall, but the older ones are not. Make a list of what types of things they need.

• Buy basics. Don’t go out and buy outfits that can only be worn together. Buy staple pieces that can be worn to achieve different looks.

• Buy used books. College textbooks are extremely expensive. If the book is available in a used version, opt for this choice. Also, look online for textbooks as they can sometimes be found for a more reasonable price than the bookstore.

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