Are you spending too much on your business trips?

February 18, 2015

Even if the company is paying for your airfare and hotel stay, travel expenses can add up quickly. You need to consider the cost of eating out, transportation and more. With myself traveling for work recently, I have come up with a few areas you could cut back on to save some money while traveling:

1. In-flight Entertainment. These options offered are sometimes pricey, a few dollars for headphones, a few more for the device and sometimes even more to get Wi-Fi. Make sure to bring your own entertainment such as your laptop, tablet, e-reader or an actual book.
2. Ordering Room Service. When traveling, you usually don’t have the option of cooking for yourself. Most hotel rooms don’t even have a microwave. Often times room service meals are overpriced and even if they aren’t, the hotels often charge a delivery and service fee which can add up quickly. However remember that when eating out, it can often prove to be just as expensive so be wise about your choices. Consider staying in a hotel that has a mini-kitchen that you can use to help save you some money.
3. Going Out to Eat for Every Meal. We all know that going out to eat is more expensive than cooking at home. Unless you have access to a stipend to cover your meal expenses, try to pick conservatively priced restaurants whenever you can.
4. Networking over Drinks and Appetizers. One of the most important parts of traveling for business is being able to network with your peers and clients. Be careful though, when going out for drinks and appetizers, it tends to be pricey. Order an inexpensive cocktail, a beer or a glass or house wine and make it last rather than ordering a handful of pricey drinks. Also if possible, consider going for Happy Hour when there are specials and always remember to drink plenty of water.
5. Taking a Cab Everywhere. When in an unfamiliar city it can be tricky. Consider using the public transportation, splitting a cab or walking to your destination. Even for a brief trip, the charges for a taxi can add up quickly. If you need to use a cab, consider using Uber. It is an app you can have on your phone to order your cab. In my experience, this has proven to be cheaper alternative to standard cabs.
6. Replacing the Essentials You Left at the Office. We have all experienced forgetting to pack something of importance. Phone chargers, laptop cables and toiletries are essential but easily forgotten. You can’t avoid purchasing these if you forgot them but you can keep a thorough checklist to help you back to avoid this.

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